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Can I upload multiple timesheets for the same employee / date / earnings rate / tracking code?

Default Behaviour:

By default each row in your upload file should be unique between the employee, date and optionally earnings rate and tracking code if you are using them.

If you have a duplicate, the first row in the file will be uploaded, but the duplicate(s) will be marked as errors and ignored.

To allow duplicates:

Go you your user settings, select the option 'Sum total hours for duplicate timesheets?' and save. 

When this setting is on, it will add up the total hours for all duplicate records and upload them as a single timesheet line in Xero. For example, if there are two records for John Smith on 1-Jan-2018 for 1 hour and 4 hours, a single record will be created in Xero for  John Smith on 1-Jan-2018 for 5 hours.

You will still receive a warning to indicate the totals will be summarised and can turn the feature on and off at any time.