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Adding/Removing Users from Your Xero Organisation

If you have added your Xero organisation via the Connect/Add Organisation, you are able to administer the access of other users. 

Adding a User

Note: Before you can add a user, they must have an UpSheets account and the email address must match the one being added. The user only needs a trial account, they do not need to subscribe or enter payment details as all usage will be added to the master account, even when their free trial has expired.

To Add a User, click Manage, or select Organisations from the drop-down menu.

Click Manage on the Organisation you wish to manage.

Select Add User, enter an email address and then click Add User.

Removing a User

To Remove a user, click the Remove button and click OK to confirm your choice. If you wish to add the user again, you can do so using the above process.