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Can I use Unscheduled Pay Runs with UpSheets?

It is possible to use UpSheets to load data relating to an Unscheduled Pay Run - but it must be created BEFORE the file is validated (or revalidated).

If you do not create the Unscheduled Pay Run in advance, you may receive a 'Date not within current Pay Period' error:

To avoid this error:

  1. Create the Unscheduled Pay Run in Xero covering the period you wish to upload data.
  2. Optional - Add the Employee to the Unscheduled Pay Run by opening it and clicking the Included flag (only required if you wish to load Payslip Adjustments).
  3. Import and Validate your file (or revalidate if you have already imported it). 

The validation should now pass as UpSheets can see there is a Pay Run available for the employees.