Managing Automated Allowances with Smart Formulas

Managing Automated Allowances with Smart Formulas

Some awards have allowances that are applied automatically when a file is validated (minimum engagement, laundry allowances etc.)

When Assigning Smart Formulas

By default, any automated allowances are enabled when assigning a smart formula to employees.

To disable all automated allowances so that they are not created when validating a file, turn the Use Automatic Allowances switch off. This will set all such allowances being assigned to manual.

auto_allowance_setting auto_allowance_setting_off

After Assigning Smart Formulas

After assigning smart formulas, Automated Allowances can optionally be enabled/disabled for each employee by selecting the award line, clicking Edit and editing Apply Automatically and clicking Update to save the changes.

smart_formula_auto_allowance disable_smart_formula_auto_allowance