Automatically Calculate Start and End Times Using Hours


Sometimes your data may be in a format where you only have the total hours worked, but in order to use Smart Formulas, a start_time and end_time are required.

UpSheets allows you to define a default start_time that is used to generate the required start_time and end_time automatically.

For example, if your file has the following three lines:

full_name date hours
John Smith 01/01/2024 1
John Smith 02/01/2024 2.5
John Smith 03/01/2024 8.25

If you set your default start_time to 06:00am, the following will automatically be generated when validating the file:

full_name date hours start_time end_time
John Smith 01/01/2024 1 06:00 07:00
John Smith 02/01/2024 2.5 06:00 08:30
John Smith 03/01/2024 8.25 06:00 14:15


To enable this feature, you must first enable Smart Formulas in your user settings.

The below setting will then be available and you can set the desired start_time:


When validating your file, only the hours column is required in your file:


The start_time and end_time will be gererated automatically: