Can I use Unscheduled Pay Runs with UpSheets?

It is possible to use UpSheets to load data relating to an Unscheduled Pay Run - but it must be created BEFORE the file is validated (or revalidated).

If you do not create the Unscheduled Pay Run in advance, you may receive a 'Date not within current Pay Period' error:

To avoid this error:

  • Create the Unscheduled Pay Run in Xero covering the period you wish to upload data.
  • Optional - Add the Employee to the Unscheduled Pay Run by opening it and clicking the Included flag (only required if you wish to load Payslip Adjustments).
  • Import and Validate your file (or revalidate if you have already imported it).

The validation should now pass as UpSheets can see there is a Pay Run available for the employees.