Does UpSheets support Tracking Codes?

Yes - like Xero, UpSheets uses Tracking Codes to categorise transactions in Xero and can optionally be used for Timesheets.

In order to use Tracking Codes in UpSheets, your organisation must be set up to use them in Xero (for instructions see here).

Note: The Tracking Code must always match the value in Xero, or a validation error will be given, (e.g. 'Northern Region', 'Eastside', etc).

There are two options you may use when importing a file into UpSheets:

  1. Include the Tracking Codes in your file. This requires a column to be present in your file containing Tracking Codes (it is recommended this column is named tracking_code). Every timesheet line must have a valid value in this column.
  2. Select a default Tracking Code. This will apply your selected Tracking Code to all records in the file and does not require a Tracking Code column to be present in the file.
Please Note: As in Xero, tracking codes only work with timesheets, not when uploading Payslip Adjustments