File Formats with Multiple Pay Item / Earnings Rate columns

Single Pay Item Column

The standard file format for importing data using UpSheets is to have one row per employee/date/type and a single column with the number of hours. The Type column is used to contain the various Pay Items/Earnings Rates that are being imported.

full_name date type hours
John Smith 01/01/2024 Ordinary Hours 8
John Smith 01/01/2024 Overtime 2
John Smith 01/01/2024 Double Time 3

For more information on the standard file formats see the following links:

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Payroll File Formats (NZ/UK)

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Multiple Pay Item Columns

A common way many systems export data is to have a single row for each day and multiple columns for the Pay Items as shown below:

full_name date Ordinary Hours Overtime Double Time
John Smith 01/01/2024 8 2 3

If your file is in a format similar to this, you can configure UpSheets to translate it into the standard format using the steps below.

Enable Multiple Pay Items

To enable multiple Pay Items, select Pay Items from the menu.


The select box lists all of the Pay Items available in Xero and selecting them will add them to the list below. To remove a Pay Item, click the minus link (or select Clear All to remove them all).


Import a file

When importing a file, a new option File contains multiple Earnings Rate columns will now be the default value in the Earnings Rate field.


You can select an alternative value if you wish to load a file using one of the other options.

Map Pay Items to Columns

Prior to validating the file, the enabled Pay Items can then be mapped to the required columns. Each Pay Item may only be selected once and at least one of the enabled Pay Items must be selected to proceed.


Validate the file

When the file is validated, the data will automatically be translated into the required rows and can be edited/uploaded as usual.



When using this feature, each of the translated lines will count as one line of usage when added to a subscription.

In the example below, if three columns are selected, three lines will be created and then billed when uploaded.

full_name date Ordinary Hours Overtime Double Time
John Smith 01/01/2024 8 2 3