How much does UpSheets Cost?

Base Fee + Usage Charges

UpSheets is charged based on a base fee plus monthly usage.

We have implemented this system because it:

  • is simple and transparent;
  • allows access to a range of the features, yet only pay for what you use;
  • doesn't penalise users with many part-time employees; and
  • removes the need to distinguish between users on different pay cycles (weekly, vs fortnightly, vs monthly etc)
  • reduces the total cost the more the system is used.

What does UpSheets Cost?

Upsheets offers a range of plans depending on your location, needs and usage.


All uploaded lines are charged equally regardless of type (timesheet, leave or adjustment)

  • updates to uploaded lines and not changed if they have the same employee/period/earnings/tracking (e.g. if you change the hours on a timesheet line several times, you will not be charged for subsequent uploads)
  • lines in error are not uploaded and so are not charged
  • there is no charge for validating, approving timesheets or creating pay runs
  • UpSheets will always be FREE to use with Xero Demo Organisations, so you can test as much as you like

When will I be charged?

You will need to enter your credit card details when you choose a plan.

Your UpSheets account will accrue charges each time you upload files. Your credit card will then be charged for usage on the monthly anniversary of your free trial ending. So, if free trial ends on the 15 March, you will be billed on 15 April for any usage between those two dates.

If you do not upload any data in a monthly period, you will only be charged the base fee.

Free Trial Periods

Occasionally, we may offer free trial periods. If you qualify for a free trial, you will not be charged for using UpSheets during that period.

Free trials are per Xero organisation, not per user. If another account is created and the same organisation added, a free trial will not be available to use for that organisation.

You may upload data to multiple organisations during the original free trial period at no cost, so long as the organisations have not been connected to UpSheets before.

The trial period will begin when the user account is created and adding additional Xero organisations will not extend the length of the original trial, even if they have not been connected before.

Multiple Users

If you grant additional users access to your Xero organisation, their usage will be charged to your account. You will be able to see their activity at any time and can grant/revoke access at any time.

If multiple users update the same timesheet line, only the first/original upload will be charged, even if it was made by a different user.

Credit Cards

No credit card is required to try UpSheets on a free trial, but a credit card is required to continue using it after any such period.

UpSheets uses a third party payment provider to process credit cards. UpSheets does not have visibility of, nor store any sensitive credit card information.