Importing CSV Files

CSV Files

UpSheets can import CSV (Comma Separated Values) files only. Any file you can create or edit using common spreadsheet software can usually be saved in CSV format in just a few clicks.

To save a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as CSV:

  1. Choose File> Save As> Format: Comma Separated Values(.csv).
  2. Enter a filename and Save the file.

To save a Google Sheets spreadsheet as CSV:

  1. Choose File> Download as> Comma-separated Values(.csv, current sheet).
  2. The file will be downloaded (named after file/sheet name ending in .csv).

The files can then be imported and uploaded to Xero by UpSheets.

Multiple Files

Multiple files can be uploaded at once so long as they are all valid and in the same format (identical header fields and in the same order). Use Shift or CTL to select multiple files.

Other tips:

  • All files must have First Name & Last Name (or Full Name), Date and Hours columns as these are required to match employees in Xero and create timesheets.
  • A header row is not required, but if it is not in the file, the 'File contains header row?' box should be unchecked (and vice versa).
  • Only timesheets and leave from the next pay period, or a period with a Draft Pay Run can be uploaded.
  • Existing timesheets in Xero can only be updated if in a Draft status.
  • Approved/Processed timesheets must be reverted to Draft in order to upload (NZ/UK users may overwrite these by changing their settings).
  • All Leave is uploaded as Approved