Restricting User Access

When adding an UpSheets user to your organisation, they have full access to all employees and functionality.

After adding them, it is possible to limit the following:

  • Creating Pay Runs
  • Approving Timesheets
  • Access to selected Employees

Manage Access

To manage user access, navigate to the Organisations screen:


Click the Manage button next to the appropriate Organisation:


You will then see any assigned employees and can update their access individually by clicking Manage Access:

manage access

The Manage Access screen allows you to control the options the user has and which Employees they have access to. By default, all actions and employees are enabled. To restrict creating pay runs or timesheet approval, simply deselect the options.

manage access detail (1).png

To restrict access to specific employees, select those that the user should have access to from the dropdown. Those employees listed are the only ones that the user will be able to validate and upload data for. Any new employees will need to be added explicitly before they will have access.

manage access employee

To restore full access simply click clear all to reset the default options.