Using Smart Formulas

Smart Formulas can be used to calculate earnings rates based on the dates and times worked by an employee.

They can calculate different rates for such things as:

  • different times of the day
  • daily overtime
  • weekly overtime
  • minimum shift engagement
  • split shifts
  • public holidays

There are two ways to use this feature in UpSheets

  1. Define your pay items in Xero with a specific format that describes the rules
  2. Select a pre-defined Pay Rule from UpSheets

To enable option 1 (Smart Formulas Sourced from Xero)

  1. In your user settings, enable Smart Formulas
  2. In your smart formula settings, set your Smart Formula Source to Xero
  3. Set up your formulas and import them using these instructions

To enable option 2 (Smart Formulas Sourced from UpSheets)

This functionality is currently in development and will be available soon