Smart Formulas

What are Smart Formulas?

Smart Formulas can be used to calculate earnings rates based on the dates and times worked by an employee.

They can calculate different rates for such things as:

  • different times of the day
  • daily overtime
  • weekly overtime
  • minimum shift engagement
  • split shifts
  • public holidays

Enabling Smart Formulas

Option 1: Custom Smart Formulas Sourced from Xero

This option lets you define your pay items in Xero with a specific format that describes the rules and apply them to employees via their pay template.

For more information and setup, please see these instructions

Option 2: Pre-defined Smart Formulas Sourced from UpSheets

This option lets you select pre-defined Smart Formulas and assign them to your employees from within UpSheets. It updates the employee pay template and creates the required pay items in Xero automatically.

This functionality is currently in development and a limited number of awards are available:

  • Hair and Beauty Industry Award (HBIA) [MA000005]
  • Hospitality Industry General Award (HIGA) [MA000009]
  • Cleaning Award (CleanA) [MA000022]
  • Amusement, Events, and Recreation Award (AREA) [MA000080] (CASUAL)
  • Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award (SCHADS) [MA000100] (Home Care)
  • Restaurant Industry Award (RIA) [MA000119] (CASUAL)

Click here to request the addition of a new award to the Smart Formula library

For more information and setup, please see these instructions



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