Using Ignore Types with Smart Formulas

Ignore Types

A CSV file often has additional rows that you don't want to import and Upload to Xero.

By entering values in the Ignore Types field, these rows will not be imported or validated in UpSheets and will also not be uploaded to Xero.

The list can have multiple values separated by a comma. A wildcard* can also be used to match other patterns.

All values are Case Sensitive


For example, with the below setup:

ignore types

Any lines with the following types would be excluded:

  • Break
  • Public Holiday
  • Week
  • Week 1
  • Weekly

Any types that don't match would be included, such as:

  • Ordinary Hours
  • Breaks
  • Annual Holiday
  • WEEK 1

Note - In order for this to work, a Type column must be selected when importing the file.

type select