Existing Timesheets and Statuses

DRAFT timesheet exists in Xero and will be OVERWRITTEN if uploaded

If a draft timesheet already exists in Xero, this message is displayed to warn you that it will be overwritten.

APPROVED timesheet exists in Xero. Revert Timesheet to Draft status

If an approved timesheet exists in Xero the options depend on which country you are using Xero in:

Australia: You must open each timesheet in Xero and click Revert to Draft before you will be able to upload the data. Xero does not currently allow Approved timesheets to be updated.

New Zealand/United Kingdom: You can either:

  • revert the timesheets as above for Australia; or
  • update your user settings to allow updates to approved timesheets
approved option

Employee timesheet exists in Xero

If allowing your employees to enter their own timesheets through the Xero app it is not possible to update them when they are in a Requested or Rejected status. To resolve this you must either revert the timesheet to Draft in Xero or delete it from Xero before you will be able to upload it.

PROCESSED timesheet exists in Xero

A timesheet approved timesheet is on a posted pay run, then it is not possible to update it without first reverting the pay run to draft and then performing the steps for Approved timesheets above.