Connecting UpSheets and Xero

UpSheets requires a connection to Xero to validate and upload your data.

Connecting to a Xero Organisation You can connect to a new Xero Organisation by:

  1. Clicking the Connect to Xero Button after logging in to Upsheets;
  2. Clicking the Manage link and then clicking Add Organisation; or
  3. Having an Administrator Add the Organisation to your user (see Adding/Removing Users from Your Xero Organisation).
1.png 2.png

After clicking Connect/Add Organisation you will be redirected to Xero where you will need to login and Allow access to an Organisation.

select xero org

You will then be redirected back to UpSheets

After connecting, you will see your connection status (also visible at the top right of each screen).

To manage your connection(s), you can click the Manage link at any time - see Managing your connection with Xero (and how to disconnect).