Using Smart Formulas with RDO / Rostered Days Off

In some situations, it may be necessary to automatically remove time from a shift for the purpose of an RDO.

Below is an example of how this can be done using Smart Formulas.

In this scenario, employees usually work 8 hours, but should only be paid for 7.6 hours. Any time above 8 hours should be paid as overtime as usual.

This can be handled using three rules as follows:

001 Ordinary Hours [WEEKDAY][0.0~7.6]

002 RDO [WEEKDAY][7.6~8]

003 Overtime Hours 1.5 [WEEKDAY][8~24]

Note - the number is essential as it determines the order the rules are applied.

The setup of the second rule in Xero is as a multiple of 0 x Ordinary Earnings Rate:

RDO Setup

When the pay items are added to the Employee Pay Template and the Smart Formulas are refreshed in UpSheets they are as below:

RDO Smart Formulas

After validating a file, the shifts are broken into the components:

RDO Processed

The resulting payslip has the RDO total and no pay:

RDO Payslip